16 February 2006

final preparations

ok! i promised i'd update, and here it is!

i have all the papers i need to leave, and i have made an appointment to get my visa on february 23 in chicago. i will be there for awhile and will eventually fly from there to ecuador, probably around the first of march. so synchronise your watches on my mark for a 1 week countdown...starting...now!

ok, seriously--i've got the chills! this is exciting and scary and really truly going to happen! yay! yikes!

i suppose i should start thinking about packing...

11 February 2006


if you're here because an email told you to come, welcome! this is the place where i will reveal plans, show pictures, tell tales, and wax philosophic. but probably (hopefully) as little of the latter as possble.

for those of you who are wondering why i'm still here and for how long that state will persist, i can give you a definite i don't know. well, i don't know how long i'll be here. i know why i'm still here. it's because of paperwork. as i understand it, some papers that i need to apply for my visa are somewhere between or in ecuador and kansas city and my mailbox. when they come, i will be ready to fly to chicago, get my visa, and then leave the country. how soon that will happen depends on several variables, but until i have those documents the time of my departure is completely out of my hands. i suppose things almost always are anyway, but this literal object lesson is as difficult as it probably is beneficial. (oops--already waxing!)

anyway, i promise i'll put information here as soon as i know. thanks everyone for your concern, interest, and prayers.

03 February 2006

a trip down south

this blog is so people can know what i'm doing in south america. this post is to make sure it works.