16 February 2006

final preparations

ok! i promised i'd update, and here it is!

i have all the papers i need to leave, and i have made an appointment to get my visa on february 23 in chicago. i will be there for awhile and will eventually fly from there to ecuador, probably around the first of march. so synchronise your watches on my mark for a 1 week countdown...starting...now!

ok, seriously--i've got the chills! this is exciting and scary and really truly going to happen! yay! yikes!

i suppose i should start thinking about packing...


aaron said...

yes!! i'm excited. ecuador is lucky to be getting you!

Pastor Troy said...

The pizza in Chicago is amazing. Make sure you load up before you leave. I don't think you can get that stuff in Ecuador.

michael said...

wow, it is finally sinking in to me. how many years have you led worship for students, for me? your ministry in ecuador has been a dream of mine for many years. to see someone come up through the student minsitry and head to the 'mission' field, a foreign field.
when you get a chance read Hebrews 6:10, it sums it up for me.

Emily said...

yay for blogs! i spend way too much time on them, and now i get to spend even more time! thank you for this most incredible opportunity. "Emily, did you practice last night?" (my response) "No, you see, i was blogging." actually, that has never happened...but it could.
ok- i'm still working on this going away shin-dig. a good time should be had by all...even if i really don't know you at all.

Anonymous said...

j-town! you are leaving! things are happening. THINGS ARE HAPPENING. if i were barry manilow, i would sing a song to you and it would go something like this "to ecuador you fly, eat garbanzo beans."

[hula hoop dance]

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeremy, how are you?
Your comment made me remember how I felt before coming to the US, I was excited and worried at the same time! But don’t worry, your trip is going to be wonderful, you’ll have so much fun and learn a lot! We already miss you here in the Beadle!
Cheers, Camile

David said...

I'm sure you're having a great time as I speak... type, whatever. I was watching a soccer game on univision the other day and thought of you. Keep us updated, and you know I'd be interested in any pictures of the hospital or any treks you do, so send em this way. Can you post pics on BLOOOOOGS (sorry, I just threw up there for a second)? I don't know this is the first time I've ever posted on a blog.