04 October 2006

that feeling you get when you do something good vs. that feeling you get when they pay you for doing anything at all.

it occurred to me the other day as i interpreted that probably i wasn't going to get the kind of comic source material i needed for my blog in this kind of work, no matter how much fun the people in those hospital tv shows looked like they were having. so i brought my resume to the clinic the next day and got as a job as a receptionist for the dental part of the health clinic--surely "the office" isn't exaggerating the kind of shenanigans and hijinks that happen. i'm hoping for some kind of complicated, unrequited love triangle scenario to slowly develop, although my not being engaged probably compromises the likelihood of that. but to counteract that i ordered a name sign that says "pam". but i'm not sure that's endeared me to the staff even a little bit. although everyone brightens up and laughs when they see me. that's got to count for something!

so then, to recap--i'll spend about half my time at the clinic working (FOR MONEY!!!) as a receptionist and the other half of the week interpreting as a volunteer. the clinic coordinator tells me she's going to try to get funding for an interpreter position so i don't leave, but i'm just not sure about that. it's so fun to explore! we'll see what happens.