04 October 2006

that feeling you get when you do something good vs. that feeling you get when they pay you for doing anything at all.

it occurred to me the other day as i interpreted that probably i wasn't going to get the kind of comic source material i needed for my blog in this kind of work, no matter how much fun the people in those hospital tv shows looked like they were having. so i brought my resume to the clinic the next day and got as a job as a receptionist for the dental part of the health clinic--surely "the office" isn't exaggerating the kind of shenanigans and hijinks that happen. i'm hoping for some kind of complicated, unrequited love triangle scenario to slowly develop, although my not being engaged probably compromises the likelihood of that. but to counteract that i ordered a name sign that says "pam". but i'm not sure that's endeared me to the staff even a little bit. although everyone brightens up and laughs when they see me. that's got to count for something!

so then, to recap--i'll spend about half my time at the clinic working (FOR MONEY!!!) as a receptionist and the other half of the week interpreting as a volunteer. the clinic coordinator tells me she's going to try to get funding for an interpreter position so i don't leave, but i'm just not sure about that. it's so fun to explore! we'll see what happens.


jordan said...

is this your first office job? have you ever worked in a cubicle before? DOOOOO you work in a cubicle? if so, please answer the following with regards to the office space:
1) how do you feel about the texture of the carpet-like substance that covers the cubicle wall?
2) does it open up your senses to run your finger up and down said carpet-like substance that covers the cubicle wall?
3) keep notes (on post-its preferably) on how awkward people are when you pass them in the hallway. office people=socially retarded.

this is a book.

Anonymous said...

hey, i didn't knew you are already in Chicago. Thanks for letting me know :(. I was in chicago last weekend. Take care, and keep in touch if you can.


Anonymous said...

Now that you mention it, you've kind of always looked like a Pam to me.

Kansas City Star said...


That gal looks pretty stern... kinda like an old time school teacher!

I don't think you want to clown around with her -- unless you want to be looking for another part-time, volunteer job...

jordan said...

doood, you're slacking.

jen said...

Hi Jeremy,
I'm matt's girlfriend, Jen. Matt talks about you alot and introduced me to your blog a while ago so i figured it was time that I introduce myself to you. :) Sounds like you're going through a lot of life changes. Hang in there! Hopefully I'll get to meet you one of these days...
God bless,

Emily said...

oh, sure! you're in Chicago now that i'm not going to be there for who knows how long!
also, i will have you know that i have been creating office-esque moments in the office in which i work (the faith bible church in edmond, OK). it is for a youth group series i have been "producing." my next plan is to put something of my dad's (probably his guitar picks) in jello. unfortunately, we do not have a vending machine where all sorts off hilarity could ensue, so i will just have to make do. it is going very well so far.