13 November 2006

updates and projections

my friend jordan has been frustrated by my lack of blogging lately, and has decided to ghost write for me. so here's my life according to her:

Dear diary,

Today I went to my interpreting class at Southeast community college. It was pretty fun. We had a break in the middle, because the class is super long. I got this really awesome burrito from a vending machine in the basement. It's super cool because it's a vending machine with frozen things, but dont worry becuz there is a microwave. I guess I'm learning stuff; the teacher has a masters and really knows her stuff! i wish that one day i could know as much as she does and help others to learn it too.

After class I'm gonna watch the the Nebraska game (GO BIG RED!--for those of you that don't live in nebraska, that's what we chant, because they wear red). I'll probably watch it with my mom. I hope she makes little smokies. they are really good. last time she added cheese to the barbecue sauce, and it was pretty good. but randy kept farting! EWWWWW!

well, guys, i hope you liked the update. sorry it took me a month. i've been spending a lot of time chatting and stuff. i'll post some pictures of my new haircut when i can get dad to show me how to use his digital camera.

okay, GO BIG RED! (now you know what that means! hey, maybe i am a teacher!).

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