28 November 2006

it's pulling at your hands like a spiderweb, like a kite that isn't there

in a move very nearly as binding as eventually quitting my job or finding an apartment, i bought a chicago guidebook the other day. this is a pretty significant development in my life and almost certainly means that i have decided to take the newly (re-)offered job as an interpreter and move out there in january. the only complication right now is that i'm not convinced i'll make enough money to live on from just the interpreter job and am currently trying to decide if the thrills of a new city are worth the hassle of moving and finding a second job and all that noise. but i really don't think i have much of a say in the matter--where there is something new and challenging to try, there will i shortly be. it's a law of physics. of jeremy physics! (other jeremy laws include "every action has an unequal and exaggerated reaction" and "[jeremy's] body at rest will not be able to stay at rest".)

so at this point very little is hammered down (i just bought the book yesterday!), but suffice it to say, the beginnings of something happening are...happening, and that's probably reason enough to start up the old blog again. those of you who were never a particularly big fan of the live jeremy experience and liked me better in paragraph form are probably jumping up and down for joy right now. it's your lucky day!


jordan said...

you should probably frame that picture and hang it up at the Coffee House and ask about $250 dollars (ballpark figs). Cause it's got teen, caffeine-driven angst written ALL over it.

and also, you're supposed to write m blog, not yours.

Kansas City Star said...

Very insightful blog posting. Suggest that in the face of teen, caffeine-driven angst, you continue considering your options.

I'm glad you are a seasoned, international traveler -- but I'm also glad you bought the book. (Be sure and check out pages 37 - 43 on how to select dumpsters for lodging, and the related section on local dining challenges!) Send pictures of Chicago before inviting your folks up for the weekend...