19 August 2006

...in its tell-tale time

time is a tricky, mercurial, and alternately treacherous and benevolent thing. you never know what it'll do when you're not looking, and you're never as unwatchful as when you leave. while your thoughts are elsewhere, some things you long for are changed, and when you look again they're lacking: the buffalo wings i'd been pining for in south america had me up all night with a kind of stomach pain you'd probably get if you fried a piece of the devil's tail in volcanic lava and ate it. after weathering 5 difficult months on opposite sides of the world when all either of us really wanted was the company of the other, janae and i decided we'd be better off as friends upon my return. or suddenly i don't seem to belong in the city i call home and it feels like a place i've been hanging around for too long.

but it's never all deception or all generosity, and no matter what alchemy or transformation it brought me this time, i've found that the acts of organizing, arranging, and listening to my records is every bit as wonderful, soothing, and delightful as i remembered it and had been hoping it would be. so thanks to everything on my shelf, from air to young mc (it was a used-bin nostalgia buy!), and to time, for never taking without also giving.

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Emily said...

that is a beautiful picture. words can't describe.
oh...i get to see The Flaming Lips in concert in less than one month.
i'll catch up to you, yet, Howe!