01 September 2006

the next chapter

i may have intimated in my last post that being unemployed was great fun, especially when airlines send you checks for things they broke. but i was mostly trying to be funny--in reality, being unemployed and not knowing when or if you'll get a job is stressful, depressing, annoying, and just downright unsettling. which is why i am happy (elated, ecstatic, overjoyed) to report that today i got a call from cross-cultural interpreting services in chicago, wherein i was informed that my test scores (from the test i was pretty sure i failed) came in and i not only passed, but performed really quite well. so i have a job in chicago! (!!!) i start training on wednesday and will hopefully also find an apartment while i'm out there (i'll come back next weekend to play worship music for church) and then i'll begin the next adventure.

i took this picture after i took the test at the beginning of august. when i took it i was really discouraged because i didn't think i'd get in, and that added to other things to make me feel pretty uncertain about where my life would take me next. (i should point out my mom never really bought that i didn't do well on the test, and even managed not to say i told you so when i got the good news today.) but now, it's sort of a hooray picture--i get to visit another new city, i get to live in a new city (even if it's still in the united states, it's definitely something new and exciting and maybe just a little daunting), i got the job i most wanted to do (which pays well and will allow me to get hands-on medical experience AND is a job that will benefit people and help them be healthy)...it's a new set of challenges, a new opportunity to serve, a new opportunity to learn. it's another way to be alive!


Emily said...

1) congratulations on the job. i had faith in you the whole time.
2) i can't wait to see The Flaming Lips in a couple of weeks!
3) i might actually get to go to Europe in October
4) if i get to do the activity mentioned in #3 and happen to fly through Chi-town i will be sure to give you a call.
5) insert witty comment here.

jnuh said...

Hey, is this why you called me the other night? I have to say, I was beyond pleased to come home to find a note that said "Hi, Jenna! Jeremy Howe??? called for you" If you want any "life in Chicago" advice, drop me a line ... or ring!

Kansas City Star said...

Employment is good.

Come on down and visit KC sometime.

Anonymous said...

congratulations on the new job. you are such a brainy brain. guess what? you'll only be 3.5 hours away from us which is my way of telling you that i hope we can see you sometime in the near future.

-laura (and chris)

Anonymous said...

lincoln's loss is chicago's gain.