14 May 2007

best week ever

let's review, shall we? first i went out to california (read: great weather, inn n out burger, trip to vegas) to meet kim's parents. while i was there i found out i got accepted to med school here in illinois. then, kim and i set a date to get married--june 30th, in chicago. and then we came back to chicago and saw björk in concert. and THEN i found out i got accepted to the urban medicine program and will definitely be in chicago for the next 4-5 years, thus making pretty much exactly what i wanted to happen come to fruition.

oh, wait! did you hear i'm getting married? i am, i am! isn't that cool? you've really got to meet this girl--she's the best one of the whole bunch, and she's going to stick around until one of us dies! AND she's an illinois resident, so she cuts my med school debt in half! AND she doesn't mind the styling twist-tie ring you see displayed so proudly in the photo. AND she's even such a good and kind person that she puts up with me for hours on end without even rolling her eyes, even when i show off my radical dance moves in public (that happens pretty often). you will, of course, be hearing more from kim in the near (and distant) future, so stay tuned for an opportunity to get to know the incomparable, lovely, and utterly fantastic kim roth!

i can't tell if buying a lottery ticket right now would be greedy or just common sense--i'm on a roll!


Anonymous said...

Wow! So many congratulations to offer, I must bullet point them.
1. Being accepted into the med school of your choice
2. Being accepted into the program you hoped for
3. Finding the woman you want to spend your life with (she sounds great)
4. Writing such a vivid and interesting blog that I must continue to read :)

Congrats man.

Jordan said...

my congratulations to offering your fine readers only a photo of your fiancees hand. is this some new experiment in french surrealism?

congrats, kids! Things are happening. et ca a un gout TREEEEEEEEEEEEEES bon!

sarahnun said...

i say go for the lottery ticket.

Matt said...

WOW. so...congrats! dang, we should talk sometime! uber congrats to you sir.

Chris said...

It's so wonderful when great things happen to great people.

adam said...

yeah, whats up with only her hand? lets see a real picture!

Anonymous said...

I agree, it's like you're keeping us all in suspense now.

Anyway, big congrats to the both of you!

Bobweey said...

I personally like yellow twisty ties best, good choice.

db in you know who's voice said...

Congratulations to future Dr. and Mrs. Jeremy Howe

I love to see all your dreams having come to futition.

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Jeremy!

-Sam Munns

sarah said...

wow wow wow! good going! yay! hurrah!

kim's mom said...

Jeremy, you're a man of your word! Thanks for the promised pic of the momentous "engagement-twisty in the desert" event initiating those romantic, creative, frugal acts that treasured memories are made of! It's been a whirlwind week of getting to know you and we've only just scratched the surface, but being pretty sure you're not an ax murderer, we're praising God for bringing you and Kim together!!

Blessings in Him!
your soon-to-be mom-in-law&love

Jeremy's dad and mom said...

We have just MET the incomparable Kim Roth and found her to be, indeed, Incomparable and Utterly Fantastic! Also perfect, in that she appears to be God's provision of the absolutely perfect lady for you, Jeremy. Many, many blessings and love to you both.

Way to go, Jermo!

gel said...

i am so thrilled for you, i cannot even say. i love the twisty tie! i am sooo happy for you.

Dave said...


1) I found your blog. I think that makes me an Internet Super Spy. I'll be expecting my nametag saying such soon. You're crafty like MacGyver, so make something up.

2) I've seen your dance moves and they are definitely not to be eye-rolled at. In fact, I think they should be displayed more often.

That's about it.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god Jeremy!!!! i am so happy for you..Medical school and woman of your dreams all together...you totally deserve this..I cant wait to meet Kim....Miss you so much!!!!


aaron said...

this is funny. how many people did you think read this blog? 17 at least you can now count.