09 July 2007

the land before time

readers of blog and fellow net citizens (i know i'm supposed to say netizens, but i just can't get myself to do it), i have undergone a life-changing experience. i have a completely new perspective on the world that will probably lead me to completely redefine the direction and meaning of my life. i'm thinking of maybe volunteering at the city rec center or an after school club or something. for behold, i write to you from a strange, foreign land. a desolate, depressing, empty land characterized mostly by a lack of information and a lack of trivial pursuits or really any fun at all. a land where messages can only come as fast as the post office delivers them, where news can only be read in newspapers.

haha, i bet you thought i was talking about marriage until that last one there! no, sadly my friends i am referring to life without internet (married life is actually pretty great, really). i have so much to tell you, so many stories to recount, pictures to upload, and so forth. but for now instead i give you this small update and the assurance that today we decide between at&t's dsl and comcast's cable. and a hope that very soon i will learn about the world's catastrophes from the comfort of my couch. until then, i guess i'll call the soup kitchen.

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