23 August 2007

26 and On Fire

Yesterday was Jeremy Howe's birthday.

And for his birthday, he got hit by lightning.

Well, not so much HE personally, as the apartment in which he resides with his lovely wife.

About 11 pm last night a huge storm was circling our neighborhood, when suddenly it felt like we were inside of a firing gun or the exploding part of a firework. Crazy flashes of light, huge cracks of noise and sizzly sounds, and phantom smokey smells. It made the hair stand up on your arms and your heart skip around inside your ribcage like a wee bunny rabbit. It hit like 5 or 6 times, and all I could think was, "This seems like it should hurt." Like afterwards you ought to check and make sure none of your organs have liquidized.

We have (had) a turret with a weather vane on the roof right above us, which has now been exploded and had its shingles tossed across the street.

But the most interesting part of the whole event is the fact that we have teeming multitudes of insects that happily co-habitate with us, and when the lightning hit, they all simultaneously dropped out of the air, twitching and dead. CRAZY TIMES my friends. Crazy times.

So for Jeremy's birthday, we got our whole apartment building turning into a giant candle, and a free pest extermination.

The end.


Jeremy said...

Happy Birthday Buddy!

Anonymous said...

Okay, Jude was so taken by the fact that your place was hit by lightning he told everyone he talked to yesterday that "Jeremy's house got hit by lightning" Happy Birthday Gamy, hope you got a "facelick".

nunface said...

I'm so jealous! I want to be hit by lightning too!

kieffer said...

that is SO something that would only happen to you two. free extermination is so "bodaysh"

(seriously can't figure out how to spell it so that it looks like what it sounds like... "bohdaish", "bowdaych", or should i just go with the actual shortening of the word, "bodac"? i think i like bodac. maybe i'll start saying that phonetically. yes. yes. yes.)