29 December 2007

a sandy christmas

at some point last week i decided to hold off on my music list extravaganza until my friends and i have completed our work making the annual meta list, so if you were holding your breath waiting for my top albums list, well, i hope you gave up or have exceptional lung capacity.

in the meantime, here's a post from sunny san diego. (actually, it's not exactly steaming hot down here, but when i talk to my med school friends who didn't leave the chicago area for christmas i make it sound like it's a non-stop sweatfest down here, just for the jealousy effect.) and since i'm mentioning med school, all the grades came in, and thus far i am still on my way to being a doctor. i can definitely say i've never been happier to get passing grades, so i guess this semester has whatever dubious distinction that honor bestows upon it. (and since i'm writing convoluted sentences i'll note that now when i write any sentence too far outside the standard style i try to guess how strong a candidate it is for another of kim's polls, and how many people i think would be able to ascertain my meaning if a poll were made. and speaking of--i'm sure some of you are wondering who "won" the bet or what have you...unfortunately, the parameters of what, exactly, is being bet on or what would comprise a victory are never as clear once the results are in as at the beginning, so it's hard to say. for example, kim had originally predicted that 9 out of 10 people wouldn't understand the sentence, which i am now to understand meant "wouldn't understand upon first reading," so in her eyes the fact that most people had to read it two or three times clearly means she foretold correctly. whatever the case, though, it seems pretty likely that i'll continue to write these sort of labyrinthine sentences every now and again, and when i do the end readability will not be a high priority for me. take it as a challenge, or safely (correctly?) assume it's not particularly important and move on.)

this was going to be about my break, though, and that's where the above photo (shot by mr. michael chan) comes in--here is our day after christmas beach football game documented in all its sandy, oceany glory. the blurry figures in the background are the "old people" team (which i was surprised to grouped with--when did that happen?), who overcame their alleged aged, creaky bodies (and my inability to catch the ball for most of the game) and won the day. i proudly pledge my allegiance to the old people. hail, old people!

most of break has been similarly enjoyably spent (but with much less physical activity since then, as my efforts at the game made me so sore i've needed assistance to get into or out of cars or beds (old people, i embrace your traditions! i am one of you now!)), and today my family joins us out west for what will certainly be even more adventures.


aaron wk said...

i wonder if the game was as good as a certain football game i remember in a small strip of landscaping (grass). that was a good one. weekend of rock, even.

m. chan said...

i'm developing a theory that old-guyness is onset by a premature draft to the old-guy's team. of course, our combined sets of 8 ailing limbs are my only research, thus far.

Anonymous said...

i really like your sentences. But right now Jude is banging on the drums behind me, Sienna is wailing out some sort of tune to judes beat, and Olive is screaming on my lap. And so I really like your sentences is all I can come up with.

millhouse said...

Aaron, I remember that game. Pretty awesome. Give us more Jrrmrr!

Oh, I started a blog too.

pschmidt said...

update your site.

oh, and mmmmmhouse, that MIA video is the coolest thing i have ever seen. i consider you famous now, because i think that this will get 'discovered' out here on the net and you will be the next numa numa kid.

Anonymous said...

It seems that I have become well acquainted with the football first displayed when I visit. Hey, I hope your finals are coming along and that you get to enjoy a bit of a break soon.