29 June 2008

pictorial update essay, pt. 2--the euro

the european championships have been going on for the last 2-3 weeks. i've watched a lot of games on the internet, which for most of the time looked a lot like the above. this has been the best soccer tournament i've ever personally witnessed, based on the quality of play, the amount of drama and excitement, and also because my favorite european team (spain) has done very well and enters today's final against germany as the best team in the tournament.

two years ago i wrote a long and lengthy post on this very blog extolling the virtues of international soccer, and i'll save you my long-winded thoughts on the game and national identity, national pride, and the incredibly intricate anthropological aspects of the spanish psyche as it pertains to their team and its success and failure. (aaron and i have, in the last couple days, have had several lengthy conversations about these matters, so CLEARLY it's a fascinating topic). suffice it to say, though, that if you don't have anything else going on at 1:45 CST this afternoon, it would be a very worthwhile experience to head to whatever sports bar in your neck of the woods will show soccer games, and blend in to whatever international community your neck of the woods has, and shout until you're hoarse at the television screens there. i know i will. ¡¡¡QUE VIVA ESPAÑA¡¡¡


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I know the championships are over, but I would love to see a time lapse film from your computer as you watch a game.