02 January 2009

no, seriously--we made tunnels! TUNNELS!!!

if you read the last post and thought "those tunnels are the coolest things i've ever heard about anyone doing in the history of people doing things!", you're in luck, because this post is also about those same tunnels. if you had any reaction even a tiny bit smaller than that, you might find this a little boring. unless you enjoy watching people awkwardly falling over, or the sound of people laughing at people awkwardly falling over, in which case i might have a little something for you. because this is going to be all about that:

here's kim going in and then coming out of two of the tunnels. the third entrance is in the foreground. you can tell by how big it is and how long it takes kim to come out that the tunnels are really cool.

but don't just take my word for it! here's some footage of kim going through the tunnels with the camera. you're looking at some fine craftsmanship there, believe me.

and finally, here's kim destroying the tunnels at the end of our trip. i'm not sure what, exactly, about this is so funny, but as you can hear from michael's uproarious laughter in the background and my snickering behind the camera, it definitely is. maybe it's kim's extra layers of clothing and the way they make her sort of flop out onto the snow, or the sound she makes when she hits the ground, or the way the ground seems to suck her in after a second...whatever it is, it's the good times.

today kim and i go our separate ways: i'm leaving california to go back to chicago so i can start school again on monday, and kim heads up to seattle to visit the piestch's (they of the creative ways to play baseball with food) for a few days. travel!


stacy pietsch said...

if i could bottle up micheal chan's laughter i would and i wouldnt sell it...i would keep it all to myself.

kim said...

i think my grunting all the way through the tunnel is the best part. "uungh... uungh... UUNGH!"

momma roth said...

Cool clips! or rather, COLD tunnels! Thanxs for coaxing me to crab and grunt my way through them. Ah good times at Big Bear for sure...thanx guys for preserving the memories...it was great and we miss you!