06 March 2009

weather can make it better

oh my gosh you guys, have you been outside? it's so nice outside today!!! my computer says it's 67º! (i know because i am inside with my computer, and it tells me how nice it is outside while i study and observe that it certainly LOOKS nice out there from in here with my books.) on sunday it was blowing snow so hard at night that the snow drifts were stuck to the side of our house on monday morning! and today it's like summer outside. i unwrapped my bike from its winter cocoon of tarp and ropes and cleaned it up just so i could ride downtown and study this afternoon. that's my bike right there--look how happy it is be have its chain nice and greased up, sitting downtown in the sunlight. i'm surprised it didn't get rickets from not getting any sunlight all winter. i'm really surprised about that. that it didn't get a vitamin d deficiency and then osteomalacia from its 3 months without sunlight. isn't that really surprising? i'm really glad my bike doesn't have rickets. oh, these medical jokes just NEVER stop being funny. right, guys?

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