07 July 2006

cuzco, cusco, qosqo

janae and i went to machu picchu, and it was fun and great and excellent. we did not do the incan trail, but rather took an alternate trek that was much less crowded and full of mountain views. here are some photomographs.

this is cusco's plaza de armas. with a sunset. and me and this girl i know. and a cathedral and church in the background. yup, that's this picture.

just to the side of this picture is a sign that says "you must be this tall to climb salkantay mountain". our guide let us in anyway when we gave him a candy bar.

here's our guide domingo showing us how to sneak around the gate, post candy bar. he was very accommodating. and cold. we were all very cold. (domingo is actually a very small man inside that puffy coat.) i think we might have actually taken this picture for the mountain in the background. but this candy bribery story is pretty compelling.

look, it's everyone's favorite jeremy and janae pose! if you all would like prints of this picture, ask janae. but if you want a super awesome hat like hers you'll have to ask her brother in law--she just borrowed it.

it probably looks like the lens was blurry in these photos. but really, it's just that beautiful up here...everything has an aura.

this is the famous sunrise over the sacred city. some people think the mountains in the background look like a guy's head. i guess i see it, but it seems to me like looking out the windows of the louvre to see a cow in the clouds when the mona lisa is right there.

be honest. did you look at machu picchu or my butt first? it's ok, you can tell. let's let the comments section be a support group. seriously though, don't laugh at me until you've tried the pastries here. i tried to stop, but i couldn´t!!!

here's janae and me and the guide in the ruins. i know what you're thinking--yes, domingo did totally try to get between j and me every chance he got. and yes, janae was always very abusive to him about her being taller.

here's the aerial view of machu picchu from huayna picchu. incidentally, this is also the picture i'm going to put up on lots of dating service websites if things between janae and i fall through. come and get it, ladies!!!


Janae said...

Too bad you can't capture smell in a picture...i think the other "ladies" might think differently.

aaron said...

excellent, excellent, and good. the photo commentary is super as always. i couldn't have enjoyed those photos more. good to see you back in the blog universe. four days til lincoln. tick tock.

Anonymous said...

the pictures are sweet! i am glad to see that you are letting your hair grow long as well. looking forward to your arrival back in the states.

if you ever do one of those q&a posts again you should answer this question:
what is the plan when you come back? besides tuesday nights at la mexicana that is.


Kansas City Star said...

Nice pictures... but I recommend working on a great relationship with that attractive lady!