18 July 2006

the road to santiago

i went from tacna, peru to arica, chile to santiago, chile. the whole thing took me about 36 hours. i got in last night and i was tired. and my butt hurt. but now i'm here this morning, and it's a wonderful city. plus, i found a very quiet place to stay, and i slept until 8 this morning. which is basically unheard of in the world of jeremy. especially the traveling world. here are some pictures.

in addition to parisian towers, gustave eiffel was evidently a pretty big fan of making fountains. he made this one in tacna AND another in a small town in peru, and some others in south america (argentina) and europe (at least portugal). in the background is their cathedral.

the atacama desert is the driest place in the world. they probably have some sophisticated technology to determine things like that (although if it's just a plastic rain gauge i guess that wouldn't surprise me too much, either), but i can tell you that just by looking at the place.

i rode through the whole thing, and now i know: deserts are beautiful. and boring.

only one of those words, though, applies to oceans. and i don't think i could call anything that violent "boring", so there you are.

for some reason, i imagine that many people who read this blog are elderly. for this entry i can see the husband of the couple reading and then shouting to his wife "eunice! now he's even posting about his BUS rides!" surely even the elderly have their limits of interest. (i also occasionally imagine my mom cringing at my jokes). sorry if this is boring, but if you look at a map you realize how much ground i covered to get to santiago. so i thought i'd put something up.

i now have three weeks to get to buenos aires (while you've got your map out you can appreciate how much ground i have to cover in that time, too) to meet my mom. i don't really have a plan for what i'm doing in chile. but it'll probably be awesome. and better than the bus rides to get there.

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Kansas City Star said...

Have to admit, I was kinda sufferin looking at those pictures of expansive, dry deserts... Thinkin about all that bus travelin in a stuffy, hot buss... Crowded full of other travelers that have not bathed in 36 long hours...

Then it occurred to me that it's winter there -- not 107 like here in mid-west! -- Right?