08 September 2007

Adulthood Update

Hello family and peeps around the world.

I have some big news. I am a grown up now and I have proof. Hard evidence in the form of an annual salary and a health plan.

As of Monday, I will be starting my first ever full-time adult-type job. Of course, I haven't been sitting around twiddling my thumbs, but until now in my life, people have overlooked that little part about adequate reimbursement. Usually around April 15, the IRS sends me a little note that says, "We are sorry about your sad situation. Here's some money for groceries."

But after much looking, I've been hired by the University of Chicago as faculty in their Literacy Department. Basically, in the mornings I'll be working at Head Start locations with a team of Americorps volunteers, teaching English to the parents of Head Start kids, and in the afternoons I'll focus on mentoring the Americorps folks, who are all local community members - GED students, moms whose kids are in school, etc.

So it'll be a really great blend of classroom time and relational focus, with lots of strategy and challenge. AND, I work like 5 minutes from Jer's classes, am on an academic schedule (so we get the same breaks), and get FREE TUITION at UIC! Whee! Higher education, here I come! And of course there's that bit about having a real income for a change.

Plus, to top it all off, in congratulations for getting the job, the Howe parentals sent me a lovely houseplant (the houseplant of my dreams!) so not only do I have a job, I also have a kick-butt plant.

Really. Could life get any better?
(Yes. But it would involve more houseplants, probably.)


jeremy said...

TWO job offers, people. kim is awesome. lots of people want to hire her. (congratulations, kim.)

stacy said...

what kind of houseplant was it, kimbo?? congrats! i love you and miss you and am SOOO proud of you!

kieffer said...

hooray!!! i like jobs with PTO and benefits (free tuition is the crown jewel, in my humble opinion). and i especially like them for kimberville!

another "hooray!!!" is merited, i think...


mama k said...

YOu make me LLLLLOL! It's better than the comics!! Especially late at night so nobody's around sayin,"What? Whats so funny?" Love you bunches!