12 September 2007

life in the city

when i moved out to chicago, one of the big exciting reasons for being here was the rock shows--chicago is obviously a big city, but it's also a music city, so there's a non-stop supply of excellent shows coming to town. and when i got here i was not disappointed with what was on offer. among others, i saw modest mouse, bjork, menomena (to name three bands i'd never seen before but really wanted to), and have just really enjoyed the scene out here. what i hadn't thought of, though, is how hard it is to be in a town with all those great shows and be so busy i can't go to them. last weekend the flaming lips, bloc party, and andrew bird were in town, for example. meanwhile i had a physiology test to study for. or a really great show will come to town (the national and st. vincent next saturday), and i will be unsure of my schedule and the show will sell out by the time i know i can go. (sad!)

while missing the music is sad, though, i also hadn't thought much about all the soccer that would come to town. this sunday kim and i and some M1's from school went to see the US play an awesome game against brazil. i high-fived and hugged friends and strangers, i screamed until my voice was hoarse (and screamed some more), and left feeling pretty good about US soccer again. we played really well, taking the early lead, and then pulling even again at 2-2. and when ronaldinho scored on a curling free kick to make it 3-2, the disappointment of going behind was eased by the excitement of having seen such a wonder in person.

in other headline-worthy news, last night the new stereo finally came in the mail. you may recall, as part of God's "happy birthday lightning extravaganza" package, i got the opportunity to replace my fried stereo with something new. and behold the wondrous result:

look at its switches! its knobs! its needles! it's so glooooorious! after a couple weeks without music in the house (an eternity!), kim and i celebrated our new arrangement (which also includes a new replacement wireless router with wireless music capability) by setting up camp on the couch and listening to music (well, and sleeping) for a few hours. yay, music!


evan said...

you got a new kickass receiver, and your streaming itunes throught it with all those records laying around. shame.

aaron wk said...

HEY jerm. nice new receiver. kim, congradulations on the job, it sounds really great and i'm pretty sure you've earned it...somehow. it sounded nice anyway. i don't have a house plant to send, only my well-wishes. and i can't wait to come back and see you guys. everything's coming up kimandjeremy!

Nina said...

brag time. I got a call from Jeremy Howe!!! Hey, thanks for the advice for my Central America-bound little bro. He took the advice I relayed to him and went out and bought himself a serious "this is my home" backpack equipped with a tennis ball, fork, spoon and Deet. And he thought the carabiner/wallet method was a better option than putting money in his shoe. :) He's leaving on a jet plane on Tuesday... "thanks a million." yay!

Anonymous said...


You have to try adding the Analytics tracker to your template it rocks.

Makes it fun to see who is reading.

allan said...

What the heck, you went to see Ronaldinho in person, in Chicago, playing football and I was not informed. This is a travesty. Unforgivable!! almost as bad as talking through a whole entire movie.

Anonymous said...

happy three month anniversary!

mama k said...

Glad to see you're gettin out a bit and taking a few pics...always nice to see your smilin mugs!