26 May 2008

summer music

at some point during this long, cold, bitter winter, i tried to cheer myself up by putting together a playlist to play when it warmed up. well, summer finally came to chicago (it seems it was just waiting for the memorial day weekend), and we've even had a couple days in a row with highs over the 70's. so this morning while doing some cleaning, i broke out the list, which i thought i'd share with you all.

as you may or may not be aware, when a music geek shares a playlist with you, he's got one or more of a few different motivations in mind. he might want some feedback (you'd think only the positive kind, but actually music geeks thrive on lots of criticism and debate--playlists have been known to consume an entire evening's conversation). often he is trying to share some music that he suspects you have not heard, and without which he is convinced your life cannot be complete (to put it bluntly and at the risk of seeming undiplomatic, he wants to "educate" you). or perhaps he wants some suggestions, an outside ear to supply the song or two that he feels is missing from making his mix complete. this particular list needs a bit of the first and a bit of the last--after putting it on today i felt like it needed some work.

i have titled this list "sunny, high in the 60's and 70's", and the criteria for the list is all nicely contained in the title: this is a list of happy, possibly drug-influenced (or, as they said at the time, "psychedelic") songs from the 60's and 70's. this particular list is kind of a party mix, which is to say i just want to put it on random--no sequencing necessary. here goes, in no particular:

"windy", the association
"stoned me", van morrison
"so happy together", the turtles
"summer in the city", lovin spoonful
"i was made to love her", stevie wonder
"uptight (everything is alright)", stevie wonder
"a summer song", chad and jeremy
"i want you back", jackson 5
"she'd rather be with me", turtles
"cherish", the association
"abc", jackson 5
"cool it down" the velvet underground
"in the summertime", mungo jerry
"who loves the sun", the velvet underground
"the village green preservation society", the kinks
"signed, sealed, delivered i'm yours", stevie wonder
"this will be our year", the zombies
"elenore", the turtles

a few notes. first of all, that's two artists with three songs, which i usually try to avoid. also, there's a few pretty melancholy songs, but i have to say i think they're good counterpoints, and most of them have at least a sunny chorus. also, the most glaring omissions are probably the beatles and of course the boys of summer, the beach boys. there were just too many to choose from when i made the list and i ended up leaving them off to decide later, but i forgot all about it and now it's sunny out so obviously i'll need your help with those. right now this playlist clocks in under an hour, and it pretty much can't be too long, so don't be bashful--help me out!!!


Tarah said...

My vote is for Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da. It makes me smile, plus it makes me think of the into to "Life Goes On" and that was a pretty sweet show (at least when I was little:-)

Chris said...

You have to add Queen's "Bicycle Race."

aaron wk said...

what about "wendy" by the beach boys?
"good day sunshine" too obvious? maybe not.

neither of those are very psychedelic...

chad k. said...

i've been really liking "mr. blue sky" by electric light orchestra, thanks to a couple nice commercials on my television set.

and i second "good day sunshine."

lindsey anne baker said...

i recommend:

dear prudence: the beatles.
ooh child: the five stairsteps.
don't go breaking my heart: elton john and kiki dee.
cecelia: simon & garfunkel (not so druggy, but slutty).
dream a little dream of me: mama cass.

maybe some sly & the family stone. something from the kink kontroversy. and, for heaven's sake, some four tops.

adam said...

not that it summer music..but jeremy, the hold steady's new album coming out July 15th. and guess who gets to see them in LA? Get excited.

"we're gonna build something this summer"