23 November 2008

important update update

for those of you who come to my blog, frustrated that instead of the information you want, you're being left with meaningless stories about mishaps at target or new and interesting things to hit with a bat or Why I Want To Be A Doctor When I Grow Up, etc, i think this will be a welcome change. because today, instead of continuing the silence, i'm updating you all on the ongoing status of my own special chronic disease.

i know that many of you have drawn inspiration and courage from my story and my insistence that i will continue to live a normal life despite what many consider to be a debilitating disability. i know many of you see me, going about daily life, never blaming my shortcomings on my illness, and you feel within you the desire to be something better, to be...MORE. you say to yourselves, "if a man with such a handicap can live a relatively normal life all by himself, think of what a healthy person like me can do!". perhaps you, too, suffer from this disease and regularly overcome the same struggles, stigmas, and prejudice that i do. you know the pain, and you continue on. i know that many of you point at your jeremy portaits on your mantles, or your jeremy buttons on the lapels of your winter coats, and, solemnly tapping the photo, you say simply "hero".

well, to each of you i say, thank you. because to me, you are all heroes. you all inspire me, and i have your pictures on the button on the lapel of my heart. and with your support for me, and all of our support for one another, we can overcome! we can be proud of who we are! we can say to the world "here i am, and i am here!". and we can hope for a cure. but until that time, i leave you with my motto:

be strong. be bold. be bald.


nunface said...

you almost make me want to be bald myself.

kim said...

O.M.G. That is one sexy, sexy man.

aaron wk said...

i'd like to dip my head in oil and rub it all over your body.

Dave said...

I have a Jeremy button, but I don't have any jackets with lapels. What do I do?!

Chris said...

Check out this entry from "The Future Dictionary of America"