03 November 2008

my summer vacation

this summer, back when the blog backlog (clog) was building up, kim and i went to seattle. we had lots of fun, and planned on writing a really long post with lots of pictures. we almost got around to it, and then we didn't, and then we didn't post anything for several months. for some reason i thought of some of those pictures today, and i'm posting them now without much in the way of explanation, other than to say that the pietsch's, who live in seattle and who we were visiting out there, like to play a little something called "apple baseball" (which is exactly what it sounds like and is exactly as awesome as it sounds), and we also got to play. we also played old bread baseball and watermelon baseball and can of V8 baseball. it was fun and delicious.

the exploding bread is cool, sure, but look at my face. i am very much in the moment right there.

nate not only made a decent cup of apple juice here, he's also showing he's got a swing that means business. that's commitment to apple baseball right there, folks.

caity makes some applesauce.

again with the face. this should be on an atkins diet billboard. "DEATH TO CARBS," it'd say.

ah, summer: friends, sports, and watermelon.

the aftermath. sweet, sweet aftermath.

trevor opens a can of V8 by opening a can of whoopass on a can of V8.

jeremy pietsch is so proud of his work here. "look what i made!!!"

here's some video footage of the carnage.

oh my red:

i'ma make it rain!!!:


kim said...

I just want everyone to know that I am not pictured NOT for any lack of incredible food-smashing prowess. if you squint really hard you can see my eyeball reflected in the camera lens, recording the epic event for posterity.

Dave said...

the pics that capture the explosions... they are like capturing the face of God on film.


maybe more like Paul or Peter?

stacy pietsch said...

oh what holy memories indeed...we miss you guys tons.

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