01 October 2009

now in convenient travel size!

hello, blogland readers! it's been awhile, i realize that. and i can understand if you're mad. or you just don't come here any more. that's ok. but i've been doing some thinking about you all, and about the blog, and i've come here to tell you something.

first, the obvs: med school is really busy! it's busy, like, all the time! and i find myself with little time to tell you all the funny or sad or touching anecdotes that talking to sick people all day can bring at the same time that i find myself in the midst of many such anecdotes. it's sad, and a little overwhelming. i keep wanting to tell you all about all the things, but the longer i wait the more impossible it becomes to catch up. and on top of all of that (!), i really miss you all, and i wish i had some way to be in communication with the many people i like and care about but do not come into contact on a daily or weekly or even semi-annual basis. (even if that communication is only mostly one-way...at least i'll feel like we're all still together somehow. or that you haven't forgotten me).

so i'm taking the advice my mother gave me when as a kid i'd let my room get a little too dirty to conceivably ever get it cleaned in time to go to my friend's house: start small. in my room's case, that meant cleaning one corner and going from there. in the blog's case, it means i'm making thejeremydiaries travel sized. on your right, you can see a twitter feed. that's right, i have a twitter account. and with this twitter account, i can post various tidbits about my life from my phone, whenever i have a minute. you can come here and see what's the latest, or you can go to twitter.com/jeremydiaries . if you are also a twitter person, you can follow me...i imagine you know how to do that already.

finally, i wouldn't say i've given up on posting actual things here. and when i do post things here, i'll probably link them in my twitter feed. so now you can always know what's happening in my blogland. and hopefully that will be more than nothing.

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