20 April 2006

...paréntesis amoroso

janae arrives in quito friday, april 21st at 7:57 pm. she leaves a week later. those of you who check my blog every hour or so (or so i'm not only talking about myself, if you read my blog ever) should know that i'll probably be too preoccupied with happy happy happiness to think of a funny picture to go with a blog entry. so this next week figures to be a quiet one on the scene. so now you know--i'm not dead, and i'm not taking a secret trip to nebraska. i'm just a little busy, that's all.


Emily said...

ah, so cute!

Kansas City Star said...


That gal looks like a winner!

-- Kansas City Star

Kansas City Star said...

That guy looks seriously distracted. -- Think I could easily pick his pocket and get his wallet.

aaron said...