06 April 2006

that where i am, there music snobbery may also be.

the operating rooms at work are hooked into a music system which, because God is good and His mercy is true, almost never plays muzak. it does, however, play a charming and diverse selection of music, including such hits as "all those things she said" by tatu (during the brain surgery! it was funny.), "karma chameleon" by culture club, "manic monday" AND "walk like an egyptian" by the bangals, lots of cumbia, and pretty much the entire reflections of passion album by yanni. one of the anesthesiologists really likes him. the ANESTHESIOLOGIST.

anyway, the other day i was singing caetano veloso (thanks, camilla!) and someone actually recognized it, which excited both of us. we had a very happy conversation about our favorite music (this is where i discovered who was responsible for the yanni), and i imagine each person's general enjoyment of the other skyrocketed.

these happenings have me brainstorming about a mix cd to bring in for the whole OR to enjoy. i was going to just make it, but then i decided not to rob my music-loving friends of the opportunity to contribute--this could be fun! any ideas?

i keep thinking songs like "cold brains" by beck would be really funny, especially since they're in english, and the irony would be totally, beautifully, deliciously lost on all, but then i considered making a mix of things that would actually go well in that setting. although it's a real shot to my indie pride to recommend sigur rós based on a fondness for yanni, i have to think someone having their tonsils removed to "olsen olsen" would be a really moving experience. (and if you played a video of the procedure in slow motion, you'd totally have their next music video. at the climax (when the choir comes in), the doc would triumphantly hold the tonsils over his head and the nurses would somberly and gracefully back away, bowing. the patient would stir, rise, and begin dancing. fade out.)

oops, i lost my train of thought. you can see my difficulty here. so everyone, go to town! help me out!


Anonymous said...

not sure why, but post-rock just feels right...

stanley kubrik -- mogwai
first breath after a coma -- explosions in the sky

P.S. I watched the FLips and Shins on Austin City Limits tonight. It was spectacular.


aaron said...

feeling yourself disintigrate - F'ing Lips
i'm only sleeping - beatles

i'm sure there's more.

Anonymous said...

perhaps i am just a by-product of dan howe and 'the far side', but perhaps a slightly more warped perspective for an operating room...

'the just shall live' by rich mullins
'give me a reason' by the corrs
'chop chop' by burlap to cashmere
'lucky to be here' by blessed union of souls

then again, that would be quite the musical mix... : )

GM said...

"pears to me" that Whispering Hope would be more appropriate music for the sickness one incurred which required visiting the receptor as in previous post.

miss you and hope you're home soon.


Anonymous said...

funeral - band of horses

okay, maybe not.


Emily said...

Death or Glory- The Clash
Kill Me Now- The Killers
Dead Melodies- Beck
Only The Good Die Young- Billy Joel
I Don't Want to Die
Ready to Die- The Unicorns
Killing Me Softly- The Fugees
Lake of Fire- Nirvana
or all of Funeral by Arcade Fire...mainly just because i like that album.

that was fun.