25 March 2006

google earth--put the world in perspective!

i have no idea if this will work, but it would be super awesome if it did. if you don't already have google earth, you definitely should regardless of this post. you should go to earth.google.com and download it. then, if you follow this link ( http://h1.ripway.com/jeremyhowe/quitoplaces.kmz.zip ) and download the file "quito places.kmz.zip", it will open in google earth and show you some of the places i've been and talked about here, such as the cathedral, the statue, the hospital where i work, and the apartment where i live.

if you're not already addicted to google earth like me and some of my friends, i don't blame you if this seems like an extremely laborious and not very worthwhile process. but if you are one of my friends for whom this is not new (chad, aaron--i'm looking at you), please let me know if the link and file download works.

and for the rest of you, addictions aren't so bad once you get used to them--download google earth and join the fun! the time-consuming, all-encompassing, super-fantastic, semi-overwhelming fun!


donnal said...

Hey Jermo--the links worked great--first had to go to http://earth.google.com and download the google earth program then the link travelled me right through the sky to your house--awesome!!

aaron said...

the link works like a freaking awesome charm. now i have YOUR places saved under MINE!