14 March 2006

la mano sangrienta

they finally came! it's the pictures of the mangled hand! one last time, a warning: these pictures are pretty gory and if blood, broken bones, displaced pieces of skin, missing fingers, or the like scares you, don't follow these links.

  • here's the top of the hand before

  • here's the palm of the hand before

  • here's the x-ray before

  • here's the hand during surgery

  • here's the hand post amputation

  • here's the x-ray post

  • here's post-surgery--the fingers made it!

  • another post view

    mhat said...

    one word. awesome.

    aaron said...

    oh. gosh. thank you?

    Anonymous said...

    suddenly my hand/arm xrays look better, huh?

    Janae said...

    Good work on the links. I wouldn't look at that hand if you paid me. Well, maybe a million dollars...let's get some more pictures i can view.

    Emily said...

    snow day! snow day!
    just thought you'd like to know.