23 March 2006

rebuild! restore! reconsider!

unexplained absences like these are totally going to foil my plan to become a famous blogger with a large and powerful readership. unfortunately this update will likely be completely devoid of any salacious details or titillating tidbits that might otherwise have the whole of the internet at my doorstep.

this last week i flew home to the united states for an exit interview. exit interviews, for those of you who aren't familiar with the terminology, are what you do when you don't get into med school. if you the reader are finding this out for the first time and are like most of the people i've told already, your next question is probably "didn't get into which one?", to which the answer is all of them. if you the reader are at all like me you are probably similarly reeling with disbelief. (ok, i didn't really reel in disbelief or expect anyone else to do the same).

the interview was on monday, and i found out that my scores and grades and everything are all good and should not be changed, but that the person who interviewed me, while pleased with my interpersonal skills, was not convinced i really wanted to be a doctor. i can understand his confusion, because the mailing address for applications to university of nebraska medical center janitor positions is only different by like two numbers. anyone could potentially make the mistake.

so they encouraged me to apply again (they even told me i'd be a strong candidate (again)!) and agreed that my experience here would probably make my desire to be a physician more palpable, more real, more...documentable.

this setback seemed pretty frustrating at first, but at this point doesn't seem like a particularly big deal, and will probably end up being useful in a couple different ways down the line. we shall see.

anyway, i was back at work today and i watched brain surgery. brain surgery rules. it rules. should i be taking my camera to work with me? do you all want to see brain surgery pictures? if any of you who are about my age had similar time-passing habits around 3:30 on weekday afternoons around first through fourth grade (by which i mean watched teenage mutant ninja turtles the cartoon), you might have also wondered if brains really pulsate like that one bad guy who was just a brain controlling a robot (but had eyeballs and mouth inexplicably on the surface of the brain). and now i can tell you they really do pulsate like that. and it's really, really, REALLY cool.

by the way, let's all sing the praises of wiki one more time,
  • because this is too awesome.

  • i promise i'll get back to more regular updates...starting...now!


    Anonymous said...

    not many people get to be a strong canidate for medical school twice!?!?!? i think you should jump on it.

    anyway, i've enjoyed reading your bloggerific site, and your fantastic "aaron" link.

    this is -evan

    aaron said...

    dooodz, i think this was your best post so far. hm...i also think the last sentence belongs at the beginning. trust me, i've been blogging for, like, 2 months now. and, i figured you meant ecuador. sure wish i had the power to change people's comments so that i could LEAVE IT THERE FOR EVERYONE TO SEE!

    Anonymous said...

    This is Brooke and Carli, your moms friends. Are ages are 11 and 13 and we're at your mom's house and she made us hot coco and showed us those very wrong and discussed pictures of that very wrong nasty hand.

    Anonymous said...

    Whoever said "good things come to him who waits" probably didn't actually have to wait but waiting can be good. For instance, you don't have to study for another year. I speak from experience and remember it being tough to wait another year but I'm sure the time will be well spent. I can assure you that the year will seem a lot less important when you look back thirty years as I do now. I for one will look forward to any pictures you choose to post.
    dr tom

    Anonymous said...

    T. U. R. T. L. E. Power!

    Anonymous said...

    krang brought back so many memories. i scrolled down...saw him...felt some immediate animosity that i couldn't place... and then childhood came rushing back. man i love teenage mutant ninga turtles. i didn't watch a lot of t.v. when i was little so i can't usually identify with those "remember when" stories about childhood t.v. programs, but i do know those turtles.

    seems insenstive to write all about the turtles and not about med. school, but i figure that you're doing ok w/ it now. i think in the next entrance interview you should bring up the turtles and your early fascination with pulsating brains...they'll love you.