08 June 2006

a good day in pictures.

i got the pictures of my greatest medical moment here in ecuador! they were taken on a cell phone (a razor!), so they quality's not all it could be. but you get the idea!

here's me and miguel (the intern who calls me jeremy spokin) closing the wound. we started on opposite ends and worked toward each other. isn't dr. ballesteros good at taking camera phone pictures?!?

here's another view of the action. look how happy i am! you can practically see my 200 watt smile from behind the mask!

here's me and several onlookers, who dr. ballesteros alternately referred to as my "barra" (cheering section) and "harem" (um...yeah). on the left is dra. kon, an anesthesiologist who i think is super top-notch. next to her is francisca espín, who is the anesthesiologist intern and is also a pretty cool person. next over is flor nuñez, a nurse. in the foreground is the scrub tech cecibel panchi.

i hope you all like the pictures--it was a great experience for me!

1 comment:

aaron said...

"jeremy spokin" is the funniest. especially for a foreigner that you know doesn't know american names and happens to know that one but only along with the full title of a pearl jam song.