02 June 2006


i was actually sort of kidding when i was talking about making a mix cd for the OR awhile back, but darn it all if those ecuadoreans don't really like 80's music. there's a group of trauma docs that i've become pretty good friends with who especially like it, and one guy in particular, dr. ballesteros, who knows more about american 80's pop than i do. "billy idol, no?" "thees ees the best song of cindy lauper" (he speaks a bit of english, too, no doubt from all the music and movies he's watched).

there are more surgeries in a day than they have 80's mixes to listen to, so i made my own contribution with songs they don't have that they tooootally need and brought it on friday. fortunately, there were several trauma surgeries that day, so we were all there: my favorite surgeries, my favorite doctors, and a whole cd of songs to listen to. dr. ballesteros joined the best doctors club by saying the magical "i won't need an assistant, jeremy can help" line, so i was pretty happy. things improved from there, though--as we washed up to enter, at the start of every song either he or this resident who calls me "jeremy spokin'" because of pearl jam would look at me and say "wake me up before you go, wham" or "modern english? no. modern english? i'll melt with you." or "devo!". it was great. we'd already started the surgery by the time we got to the clash's "should i stay or should i go now" (sorry chris, but it's EIGHTIES, and london calling doesn't make the cut), and they both stopped whatever part of the surgery they were doing to sing along to "esta indecisiĆ³n me molesta" and all the other spanish echo parts. i've never really been especially fond of that song, but i'm pretty sure that memory will make me smile every time the clash sell another car on tv with that song.

what i'm trying to say is, it was pretty much a great day already when they handed me the tweezers and needle and let me do sutures, at which point it became a much better day. and so it was i made my first ever knots in somebody's skin to "hungry like the wolf".

(pictures to come when they get downloaded off the camera phone and sent to me. there will be no sparing anyone of blood and guts, though, so probably you should just never come back if you don't like that. you're warned!)


Anonymous said...

does this mean you wont go and have two blogs... one for the masses, and the other the freshman edit? "aint nothin more whack..."

(i'm the proud brother)

jnuh said...

well, come on, man, give us the tracklist.

Anonymous said...

i heard the tracklist!

jeremy said...

haha, ok! one tracklist, coming up:

wake me up before you go, wham!
i'll stop the world and melt for you, modern english
every little thing she does is magic, the police
take on me, aha
karma chameleon, culture club
come on eileen, dexy's midnight runners
under pressure, davic bowie and queen
i want you to want me, cheap trick
just what i needed, the cars
should i stay or should i go?, the clash
i ran, a flock of seagulls
hungry like the wolf, duran duran
smooth criminal, michael jackson
here comes the rain again, annie lennox
whip it, devo
once in a lifetime, the talking heads
billie jean, michael jackson
99 red balloons
you can call me al, paul simon

it's not the best mix ever, and yes i broke the 80's rule a bit (but not in spirit!), and while i doubled on michael i figured it was justified since it's michael jackson and the 80's. but it played well.

aaron said...

i fully approve of that 80s mix. especially the inclusions of: come on eileen and melt with you (for you?).

good work (queen and michael jackson go without mention).

Emily said...

i am in the process of creating a couple of mixes, one of them being an 80s mix. i need something to listen to with the youth group on the way to backpack in Colorado.
good work on the mix, mr. howe. tell Elissa hello for me.

Emily said...

oh, and the other mix is going to include Usher's fabulous tune. i think you know of which song i am speaking. that's right. it's "Yeah."

Anonymous said...

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