12 June 2006

la despedida

this sunday some of my friends at work threw me a going-away party at hilda's house, which is up in the mountains on a farm about an hour outside of quito. 10-15 of my coworkers were invited, and they brought their kids and stuff, too. it was fun--here's some pictures.

isn't this girl and her little chick just the cutest? this is marco's daughter, nicole.

the centerpiece of the party was the killing, preparing, and eating of a pig. this is a pretty rare and special thing here in ecuador, so i was very honored and pleased that they'd done it for me. here's a photo of the unhappy pig and some fun we had with it. (nicole kept trying to make maira touch the pig, which of course maira didn't want to do.) i think the pig would have minded the obvious slight, but, you know, it's a pig. and it was dead.
more evidence that i actually have done some work in ecuador. AND it's surgery! on a potato.

here are several of my friends crowded around the fritada (fried pork). they were pretty hungry. either that or they just like breathing smoke.

this is the finished product--here we have potatoes, fritada, tostada (roasted corn, and mote (sort of like...another kind of corn, steamed and stuff). it was very good. and there was a lot of it.

afterwards, they divided up the leftovers, which i'm guessing will last until next year or so. everyone's so happy. "yay! we will have food!"

the view was like this in pretty much all directions. just over my left shoulder is volcán pichincha, which unfortunately you can't really appreciate in this picture--it's really something and quite majestic. you should come sometime.

there was a lot more to the party, but i'm already sort of overstaying my welcome in pictures. there was also horse riding, cow-milking, corn picking, and several other activities. fun times were had by all. hurrah!


aaron said...

man, i remember having barbacoa in the mountains. that's a really good time i'm sure. when i was in the mountains we had lamb stew and corn on the cob that was like buttuh. we also had some kind of strange milky-chunky drink that was difficult to choke down but 100% authentic ecuadorian. i'm happy for your experiences. they remind me of my own.

chad said...

sounds like pretty much the best day ever. also, along with the volcano in the background of that last picture, there's a john deere tractor. go green!

Anonymous said...

so what, you have to go all the way down to ecuador to find a fan of the san francisco giants??? oh, and aaron, i still think of two things when i think of ecuador, and both involve you. 1- the frisbee episode, and 2- "ticks".


m. said...


sonic youth.

rather ripped.


evan said...

dude, jdh, what about you throwing me into the friggin nightstand, and my head hitting the corner of the glass top. that's not very memorable, is it? and how about when i beat you in chess and you said it was the first time you'd been beaten in like 15 years and i barely ever play chess, i'm just totally awesome and can control your mind like that. i'm hurt, jason. i'm hurt. aaron's not even cool compared to me. i mean, i'm so cool that i can hi-jack someones comments section on their blog and dedicate the entry to anger toward their brother. and when's the next foosball tourney? i bet you already had one and didn't even invite me, jerk.


Anonymous said...

JEREMY! that is just beauteous. i like seeing pictures of you in nature. you're a champ (for the Lord). dogspeed.

Anonymous said...

oh, and AARON, remember when we had that amazing wet towel fight in ecuador? and AARON, remember when we went to bozeman, and that one kid in the back seat fell asleep and slept through our whole off-roading experience (what was his name, anyway?). and AARON, who was it that was your fellow mammoth hunter... wasnt there two of you? man, how my mind forgets all these things as i age!

jeremys brother.