19 June 2006

my home--on my back!

this is my last post from quito, so things are going to change around here. i'm heading off without my computer, so posts will be both not as common and probably not as picture-filled. i'll do my best to keep everyone updated on where i am and have been and am going and hopefully will occasionally find a way to put some pictures up along the way.

so in the spirit of making sure everyone knows where to look if i disappear (kidding, mom!), here's the plan for now. tonight i'm taking a night bus to guayaquil. i'll spend the day in guayaquil just looking around and then i'll take another bus that night to lima, which will probably be about a 24 hour ride. (hey, it's about $200 cheaper than flying!) that has me arriving in lima the night of the 21st or morning of the 22nd. the morning of the 25th janae flies through lima on her way to cuzco, so i'll jump on that plane with her. our machu picchu trek leaves cuzco the morning of the 27th, and we'll be back in cuzco from there on the 2nd. after a few days in cuzco, janae leaves (on the 5th of july) and i go to lake titicaca. that's as far into the future as my crystal ball can see. some sources indicate i'll go into bolivia first and then to chile, but i also get very strong sensations indicating that i won't bother with bolivia. so i guess i'll update this before then so everyone knows.

ok, wish me luck and send some prayers my way--the next adventure begins...now!

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byebye jeremy!