30 May 2006

plans, directions, and um...a photo album.

here is a close to leaving time update on things.

first up on the horizon is the arrival of a bunch of kids from my church on june 6. they'll be sleeping here, and they'll be here until i leave ecuador.

june 9th is the start of the world cup, and oh boy am i excited.

at this point i think monday june 19th will be my last day at work, although that might change. i'll leave quito for south of quito.

on june 25th i meet janae in lima, peru, and we fly to cuzco together. there we spend 5 days trekking to machu picchu, and a couple other days in cuzco until she flies out july 5.

after that i'll spend several weeks taking the trip i outlined before. i think my mom and jan bretz will meet me in buenos aires around august 11 or so, and we'll be around there or maybe rio de janeiro for a week or so, and we'll come back to the states from there around august 18 or 19th. and then i'll be in that country for awhile.

while i'm at it, sonic youth is playing with the flaming lips in council bluffs, iowa august 25, and you'd better believe i'll be there if i can get tickets. my birthday is august 22 if i can't and any of you are feeling crazy generous. but if you can't score them and you're late, arrested development season three comes out on dvd the 29th. and i'll accept late gifts. : ) (i'm kidding, though...i'll probably buy them so that'd be a real bummer!)

so that's the look of things from now until then. here's hoping i can do about 2 million things between now and leaving. it's going to be a crazy and stressful time for me, but hopefully worth it.


jnuh said...

I'm crushed that I don't get to see you before I leave for Norway. You sure you don't want to visit someplace really, really cold in the next year?

PS I'm like totally jealous of how much your blog gets commented on.

evan said...

it's really not that close to leaving time. i think you should revise this post.
maybe i'll talk about going to that sonic youth concert, but never actually go. that seems to be the way things usually work. this time could be different though.

mitch said...

ps this is what part of the alphabet would look like without q and r.

aaron said...

sounds like a good show line up there. i dont think im going to make it to brugge unfortunately. oh well. next time.

Anonymous said...

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