14 May 2006

happy mother's day!

up to now i haven't written about things not in some way related to south america or my being here, but i think mother's day is probably about the best possible excuse there could be.

so let me tell you about how great my mom is. i'm sure you all have excellent mothers, too, but i think i got particularly lucky in the mom lottery. she has always been willing to sacrifice anything for my brother and i, and i've never once doubted that she loves me. she has always been completely dedicated to helping me achieve whatever kind of success i was after at every point in my life, whether that was soccer games, english assignments when i was home schooled, or really anything i was going after, even if the help she gave might have made her unpopular with me at the time.

i feel like after God probably my mom has most shaped who i am today. so if i ever do anything good to you, you can think "nice work, donna!" and if i'm ever mean, you can think "he should pay more attention to his mother!"

happy mother's day mom--thanks for everything!

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aaron said...

happy mother's day mom #2!