02 May 2006

like your aunt's boring slide show, but you can leave without feeling rude.

i had too much fun not share some photos. so here are some photos. enjoy!
this is janae and i up at about 4500m elevation (the city is 2800 if you'll recall). i think i'm pretty good at self-photos. i'm assuming this doesn't say anything about my personality or character because i like that better than the alternative.

this is janae getting ready to take a walk in the clouds. this is also approximately the farthest we were ever apart in waking hours.

remember the view from the statue? here's that view at night. i think it's good both ways.

if you need more money in puerto lópez but you don't have a bank account there, you have to go to jipijapa. your lonely planet guidebook probably tells you something different. mine does. don't worry about that, though--it's LYING TO YOU. say jipijapa with me. jipijapa. these are some of the most excellent people we met on the bus. to jipijapa. i think we all gained a deeper appreciation for digital cameras and for how much better buses would be with disco balls on them. i suggested this to the bus driver, and he agreed it would go well with the killer dance music we heard on the way to jipijapa.

the atm in jipijapa didn't work. based on the security guard's suggestion that we wait a "momentito" while it sorted itself out, this is not an unusual experience in jipijapa. janae took a picture of me waiting. i'm actually just looking frustrated and very unhappy for the picture--i was having a really good time. note my beach wear as evidence of our doomed intentions to go to a beach that day (before the bank fiasco). we're dumb. after we got tired of sitting on the ground and taking pictures of each other, we went and bought some ice cream and gave it to kids in the park. janae felt their parents were not as concerned as they should have been--apparently child abductions work differently in ecuador. one thing that's not different--kids like ice cream here, too. (future child abductors of ecuador, take note. or please don't.)
this is taken at the mitad del mundo. if you took any high school spanish, it's serving you correctly if you think that means "half of the world". in this picture, janae and i are standing in our respective hemispheres. that seems like it should mean something. weird, huh?

this picture, also taken at the mitad del mundo, needs no explanation or extrapolation to tell you what it is or how awesome it is. he evidently was, and it definitely is.

this picture doesn't really have anything new for you, but i'd like to point out that i'm dating the girl there in this picture. the RIDICULOUSLY good looking one.


Anonymous said...

Michael, you are quite the cupid. You can stick an arrow in my buttocks any time.

pounder said...

you're so super cute i almost can't stand you. and i mean, more than my usual "i *cannot* stand you jeremy" can't standing of you.

aaron said...

nice photo blog. i don't think i would always agree that juggling is cool, but yeah that routine was really cool. "and in the end..." i still remember that song really well from the show.

Kansas City Star said...

Don't know if I'd hang out in a country where at noon you can't cast ANY shadow! (At least, not until Scully & Mulder checked it out.)

Talk about making it obvious you are truely physically insignificant...

By the way -- I vote for posting more pictures of that good lookin gal!

Emily said...

yay for gf's and bf's! it makes my heart happy!

Emily said...

oh- and i am trying my luck at purchasing some Radiohead tickets online tomorrow (sat) for one of their Chicago shows in June. wish me luck! any tips for me? you seem to be an expert when it comes to purchasing tickets via the internet.
ah! i'm so excited at the possibility!