13 May 2006

visa. it's everywhere you want to be.

remember how my card got stolen a few weeks ago? janae left me some money, and my mom got the card from the bank and sent it on to me. for the last week or so i've had exactly 63 cents, but finally the ecuadorean mail service decided to give me some love, and as you can see i am now rolling in the cash money. it'll be nice to be able to visit a museum or see a soccer game or just get on a bus. or, like, buy food.

this is easily the biggest development that has happened in the last couple weeks. i'm so happy i think i might celebrate by eating buffalo wings tonight. somewhere has to have good wings here!

thank you mom and janae!


donnal said...

You're Welcome!! Hope you found Wonderful Wings!! on the order of Watering Hole quality :)

Anonymous said...

i was hoping to get some wings today too, but that cc# is somehow blurred on your picture. very tricky.

landon's papa.

aaron said...

i'll just solidify our blog link by replying to your comment with a comment. sure i can get you a shirt! i've been debating what one to get myself. what size do you take? that's all i guess. thanks for the top-to-bottom sequencial order of this post.