19 May 2006

el clasico

one of the great sporting traditions is the rivalry. bulls/knicks, nebraska/oklahoma, sampras agassi, etc. but there are also local rivalries--think yankess/mets, for example. in soccer, the inner-city rivalry match is called a derby. since it's soccer and soccer fans are crazy weirdo passionate freaks, these rivalries are often ugly blood rivalries.

there are lots of things to talk about right now in soccer, because this is a huge two months for soccer (the biggest on the horizon is the world cup, which starts june 9th), but today i'm talking about only one in particular. (lucky you all, because i've already written and decided not to post two several page essays about all the soccer that's happening right now. you would have been bored.) and that is tomorrow's match in the inter-hospital tournament, which is already being dubbed "el clásico".

that's right, it's the OR against the doctors. this one's been marked on the calender since the start of things some time ago, i can assure you of that! the OR (my team, called the rochesters) is currently tied for first place after losing our first game last week, and we can assure qualification to the next round with a victory. but more important than that is being able to brag to the docs all next week and beyond if we win, and not having to hear about it from them if we lose.

so it's a big game tomorrow at 4:30. probably bigger than the champions league. probably bigger the world cup. rah, rah, rah, rochesters!!!


chris said...

joga bonito

donnal said...

Cool action shot, Janae--You Go!

aaron said...

nicely controlled ball there jerm. still got it.

Emily said...

you mentioned Oklahoma!

Anonymous said...

so, did you win the big game?